• Glúten
    The bread present in all our hamburgers;
    Chaparro (Portuguese Smoked Sausage – Farinheira);
    Real (House Sauce);
    Vegetarians (Burgers);
    Tritoque (Special Sauce).
  • Soja
    Secretos da Horta (Hamburger);
    Real (House Sauce);
    Tritoque (Special Sauce).
  • Ovos
    In all burgers except Submarino do Portas base sauce;
    In hamburgers that have egg;
    In mayonnaise.
  • Laticínios
    Dairy Products
    In all loaves except parolo bread and the type bijou;
    In the sauces of Submarino do Portas, Adamastor, Tritoque and Tripeiro;
    All hamburgers carry cheese.
  • Aipo
    In the special Tritoque sauce.
  • Enxofre e Sulfitos, Peixe e Mostarda
    Sulfur and Sulphites, Fish and Mustard
    Real in the House Sauce.

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We are proud of our gastronomy. We have the concept of making hamburgers with typical and traditional ingredients of Portuguese gastronomy. We want you to travel with us through various regions of Portugal through the palate, offering unique burgers, with identity and where quality is the main ingredient.