Rusks with garlic and coriander butter 3,00€
Rusks with goat cheese with compote 3,00€
Rusks with olive paste and cheese 3,00€
Rusks with sweet peppers and cheese 3,00€
Dose of French Fries 2,50€
Salad Dish 2,50€
Bacon +1,20€
Chilli Compote +1,20€
Egg +1,20€
Fried Onion +1,20€
Ham +1,20€
Mushrooms +1,20€
Pickles +1,20€
Portuguese Smoked Sausage from Black Pig +1,20€
Sweet Peppers +1,20€
Tomato +1,20€
Prices include VAT at the current rate.

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We are proud of our gastronomy. We have the concept of making hamburgers with typical and traditional ingredients of Portuguese gastronomy. We want you to travel with us through various regions of Portugal through the palate, offering unique burgers, with identity and where quality is the main ingredient.