Water and Juices
Lemonade 1,40€
Natural Juice 2,50€
Soft Drinks 2,00€

Brisa of passion fruit, Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero.

Sparkling Water 1,20€
Teas 1,00€

Prince and ginger, lemon and melon and pineapple.

Water 1,20€
Super Bock (pressure) – Príncipe (35cL) 2,00€
Super Bock (pressure) – fino (20cL) 1,20€
Super Bock (pressure) – Stout (35cL) 2,00€
Super Bock (pressure) – Selection 1925 (25cL) 3,00€
Super Bock (bottle) – No Alchool (33cL) 1,80€
Super Bock (bottle) – Abadia (33cL) 2,50€
Super Bock (bottle) – Green (33cL) 1,85€
Super Bock (bottle) – Cidra Somersby (33cL) 3,00€
Craft Beers
Sovina (33cL) 3,80€

Amber, Helles, IPA, Trigo, Stout.

Letra A / B / C / D (33cL) 3,80€
Letra E / F (33cL) 4,80€
Vadia (33cL) 3,80€

Loira, Trigo, Preta, Rubi, Extra.

House Wine – Red or White – Cup (25cL) 3,00€
House Wine – Red or White – Bottle (75cL) 8,00€
Homemade Sangria – Red or White – Cup (25cL) 3,00€
Homemade Sangria – Red or White – Jug (1L) 9,00€
Sparkling Wines
Red Fruits Sangria (1L) 15,00€
Montanha Brut (75cL) 9,50€
Moscatel Favaios (3cL) 2,80€
Sour Cherry (3cL) 2,80€
Blueberry Liqueur (3cL) 2,80€
Macieira (3cL) 2,80€
Brandy Medronho (3cL) 2,80€
Porto Wine (5cL) 4,00€
White Wine
Cadão (Douro DOC) 10,00€
Quinta de Fafide Reserva (Douro DOC) 15,80€
Prato Frio “Red Edition” (Alentejo) 9,50€
Discórdia (Alentejo) 12,00€
Rose Wine
Cadão (Douro DOC) 10,00€
Red Wine
Cadão (Douro DOC) 10,00€
Quinta de Fafide Reservation (Douro DOC) 15,80€
Discórdia (Alentejo) 12,50€
Discórdia (Alentejo) 22,50€
Green Wine
Alvarinho Casa de Compostela (Minho) 11,50€
Prices include VAT at the current rate.

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We are proud of our gastronomy. We have the concept of making hamburgers with typical and traditional ingredients of Portuguese gastronomy. We want you to travel with us through various regions of Portugal through the palate, offering unique burgers, with identity and where quality is the main ingredient.