Can I book a table at Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa?

We do not work with reservations! Customers are served on a first come, first served basis, and the group can only enter the room when it is complete, or if they request the remaining customer from the group.

Can I make some changes in hamburgers?

Yes and no. It depends on the hamburger! There may be ingredients you wish to replace that have a surcharge of € 1.00. There are other situations where the ingredient you want to change is mixed with other ingredients and the change has to be the mix itself, which often makes no sense and it is better to choose another hamburger.

Do we have burger options for vegans?

Not directly! But we can make some changes or eliminate some products and we can create a delicious hamburger without losing the quality of the Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa product.

Let pets in?

Given the layout of the restaurant it is not possible for pets to enter the Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa. Not even on our terrace, because the only access to the terrace is from the inside in the hamburger shop.

Come visit us!

We are proud of our gastronomy. We have the concept of making hamburgers with typical and traditional ingredients of Portuguese gastronomy. We want you to travel with us through various regions of Portugal through the palate, offering unique burgers, with identity and where quality is the main ingredient.