We chose the best of our country to bring to the table unique burgers where quality is the main ingredient.

A trip through various areas of Portugal through the palate!

A little about us

Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa opened its doors in October 7th 2013 at Rua da Torrinha porta 134, on a cross of Cedofeita, where was the well-known tavern “A Nossa Casa”, founded in 1935 by Mr. Luís Vieira, of which little is known, except that it kept the counter well guarded and the bookshelves sealed with a lock. This was followed by Pedro Pereira Conde, from São João da Pesqueira, who ran the house from 1967 to 1989 and who came to Porto in a joint of oxen for two weeks later to become a taverner. A profession he has honored for more than two decades, from patrons of the true bagasse to stiff finance officials, jealous to the point of fining him on opening day 50,000 kings for failing to stamp a dozen eggs.

The quality of the menu, the grace of the space and, of course, the service, are the basis of success. But as always, it is in the details that lies the key that makes all the difference.
The second part of this golden key is our collaborators “… this house is theirs, the bosses, the table girls… we have a great team!”.
The various delicacies can be enjoyed on the covered terrace or on the wooden tables, with the chef’s suggestion starting with the delicious olive paste, seasoned with garlic, oregano and black pepper, followed by the compote accompanied by goat cheese, concluding the “real” meal with the powerful brandy of arbutus, exclusive of this house in Porto.

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